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Springtime for 15.5" Gene Marshall PDF

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Product Code : SPRRCWM714
Up for consideration is Springtime, a pattern designed to fit 15.5" Gene Marshall body dolls. The pattern features a ful… + More

Customer Reviews
Simply Fabulous
Thank you, Tamara, for this wonderful pattern for Gene. So far, I have used it 3 times. The fit and style are so becoming on Gene. Your tutorial video was such a big help. I am sure I will use this pattern again and again.
Thank you!!! I love this pattern.
First of all thank you, Tamara, for creating this dress pattern in Gene size! I love the construction. I am a big fan of princess seaming and this makes it simple. This is probably the easiest pattern to work with, with all straight seaming, just minor easing if pieces together for the bust-line, no pesky darts! The fit is wonderful, the length is ideal for this period doll. Your video gave me the confidence to put in a zipper! I love that there is no bulk to the waistline, due to full-length piecing. I used a batiste for the lining, allowing the skirt to hang properly without stiffness. Thank you again!

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